Business Strategies and Future Plans

As part of business strategies, we intend to:

  • Expand our existing IES

    • We plan to develop RWIS for markets in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions, together with our technology provider and principal, Wright's Well Control Services LLC.

  • Increase our investment in marketing activities

    • We intend to focus on Indonesia and Malaysia where there is a high demand for services in the brown field market segment of mature oil fi elds, and in Australia and India where we have good knowledge of the local markets.

    • We intend to capitalise on our understanding of the Vietnamese culture, language and knowledge of the local oil and gas industry to deliver IES that meet customers' needs.

  • Continue to invest in product design and development

    • We intend to develop new designs of pipeline stabilisation and high strength grouting equipment, as well as new product generations of improved MGPs.

  • Continue to establish strategic alliances and/or acquire companies and technologies to expand our engineering solutions

    • We plan to identify more business partners and principals with whom we can collaborate to introduce their technologies to our customers in the Asia Pacific region.

    • We will be exploring opportunities to break into new overseas markets, in particular, selected countries in the Middle East and Africa.

  • Expand our Mobile Natural Gas Sector

    • We may expand through increasing the processing capacity of our current CNG plant in Indonesia; increasing our investment in CNG Vietnam; commercialising fl are gas and stranded gas sources; increasing our supply chain capacity, and expanding our supply chain into the power and transportation sectors in Indonesia.